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Frankly, I think death is the best cure for stupidity.

Can you guess who says that line? I'll give you four guesses: 1-Ambassador Signe, 2-Yelena Zaltana, 3-Roze Featherstone, 4-Leif Zaltana. It's one of my favorite lines from the book that turned out to be much harder to write than The Study of Poisons for many reasons. The first is the fact that Valek is not reunited with Yelena for 288 days!! The second is when he shows up in Sitia in Magic Study, he magically knows everything that's been going on with Yelena. Hmmm... How does he know when he's been in Ixia?? And what is he doing in Ixia all those seasons they are apart?? That's quite a bit of time to fill and I doubted my readers wanted to read 200 pages of him moping about missing Yelena. Valek sighs. Again. Instead, he was quite busy chasing down rogue magicians, training a new food taster, and working with his new corps members.

The Study of Magic is out NOW! Yay! You can order the eBook on all formats. As for print copies, if you live in the USA, you can order a signed and personalized paperback copy from Cupboard Maker Books. If you're not in the USA, you can order a signed and personalized paperback copy from me. The link to the Google form is with the other links (see buttons below). Warning - shipping is super expensive, however if you can order with a couple friends, it's cheaper overall to ship multiple copies to one address.

You can also be able to order a paperback copy from Amazon, or your local bookstore (they can order through Ingrams). Hardback copies will be available through Amazon (make sure you on your countries' Amazon site). And, yes, there will be an audiobook edition narrated by the immensely talented Raphael Corkhill. That will be out sometime soon (the audiobook release is harder to schedule due to various factors like the how long it takes Audible to approve the listing).

Everyone is welcome to attend my book release event at Cupboard Maker Books on April 20, 2024 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM. They're located at: 157 N Enola Rd (Routes 11/15), Enola, PA 17025, 1-717-732-7288.

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THE STUDY CHRONICLES: Tales of Ixia & Sitia
If he could do the impossible, then he could go beyond impossible and dethrone a ruthless and corrupt King.

I've finally gathered all the short stories and novellas I've written over the years about Ixia and Sitia together into one collection. Woot! The quote above is from the collection and is a favorite of mine. It's from one of the three new stories I wrote for The Study Chronicles. Titled Diamond Study, it's about how the Commander went from a poor powerless boy into the most powerful man in Ixia.

It was fun to dive back into this vast and complex world, filled with dynamic and interesting characters, including a number of horses. It still amazes me that I created this extensive world from one idea. I sparked on having a food taster as a protagonist who gets involved with stopping a plot to overthrow a king. It was going to be one book. Instead, it led to twelve books and eight additional stories. Boggles!

This collection also contains a number of extra perks: Introductions to all the stories, artwork by the amazingly talented Dema Harb, an outline for Assassin Study, maps by the fantastic Martyna Kuklis, fun facts, and reader art!

You can find worldwide order links for THE STUDY CHRONICLES HERE:


Fierce, determined, dangerous. No wonder her soul called to his.

At the risk of sounding egotistical, I just love that line above. It sums up Valek's growing attraction for Yelena so succinctly and perfectly. I had a great deal of fun writing Valek's side of Poison Study, especially the scenes where they were together. The challenge was figuring out exactly what Valek was up to when he wasn't with Yelena. Just what problems was he solving? Who was he working with? How much did he really know? And how could I make it all fit with Yelena's timeline? Now I know the answers. And you'll be able to read about Valek's adventures when the book is released on April 15, 2023 in digital, print, and audiobook formats worldwide!

As I was writing The Study of Poisons, I discovered a few inconsistencies and typos in Poison Study (it's not a bow staff, it's a bo staff). For this book, I decided to fix those typos and also to include some new dialogue exchanges between Yelena and Valek. The book also has a few other new perks, including an updated map of Ixia and Sitia and a map of the Commander's Castle Complex both created by Martyna Kuklis. Plus original artwork by Dema Harb. Woot!

For those in the USA, the best way you can help support me is to order your print copies through Cupboard Maker Books (bonus, they'll be signed). For my international readers, I know you love your bookstores, but they won't have copies of The Study of Poisons on the shelves. You can ask them to order it in for you, however, the best way to help me is to order your print copy through Amazon. (Sad fact: I earn about .70 cents per book if its sold through the bookstore (except CMB) and $3.50 per book through Amazon.)

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I have a Redbubble shop! There are currently 8 designs based on my books (some have quotes as well). You can order T-shirts, stickers, water bottles, mugs, backpacks, iPad covers, pillows, etc... The artwork was done by a number of my talented Soulfinders (if you're not a Soulfinder, scroll down for more information!!). The proceeds from the sale of these items goes into the cost of shipping prizes for my various giveaways throughout the year (more incentive to join the Soulfinders :). Click on the link below to check out the shop. Thanks!



My Facebook Reading Group has hit a couple of milestones. We have reached 3800 members and are celebrating 4 years as a group. Woot! Go us! I must admit, when I started the group, I worried about having enough engagement. Pulling together a committee of readers, we planned posts and giveaways and put together a schedule. On March 15, 2019, I activated the group and...Oh. My. Stars. A flood of readers signed on and started posting. And they haven't stopped! All those plans for naught, but no regrets as the people in the group have transformed from members into Soulfinders.

And just who are they? They post about books--memes, videos, recommendations. They post jokes about books/writing. They discuss which actor should play Valek in the movie (general consensus is Tom Hiddleston). They share their artwork, they seek advice, and they send encouragement. And the most amazing thing about this fantastic group, is they don't hesitate to help others. I put out a call to help a woman replace her books that had been destroyed in a fire. Within 3 hours, I had enough money to send her a complete set of my books.

New members are ALWAYS welcome. To join the group, click on the button below. Please answer at least two of the questions so we know you're not a troll. :)


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